About us

Our company

Atribut is a young label established in 2015. As a fused expression of creativity, positive energy and contemporary design, Atribut reflects a sense of relaxed and timeless elegance. Here you will find a handcrafted collection of original wood framed leather handbags. At the center of the creating process is a strong attention to craftsmanship and quality. 

Atribut is a creative space meant for strong personalities hidden in fragile siluettes. The brand combines clean cuts and small details as the highest form of refinment.


Our team

The person behind the brand is Florina Sirman who is creating and handcrafting the handbags herself in the Bucharest based studio. 

"Atribut is born out of the need to create. Atribut is about mixing materials and textures, is about creating forms and volumes. It is also about leaving a well-known path and exploring new spaces, new opportunities, new horizons. It is a journey!"


"I have just received a handbag that seems to be from a Pinterest album:) It has the perfect colour, the combination with the black wood frame is genius, flawless texture, precise cuts and finishes! "


"Sometimes you buy a bag to carry things... sometimes you buy a bag as a jewel. So is the bag that I just received from atribut"